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Before I started blogging a year ago, I made and sold diaper cakes. I know it sounds weird, but it worked! I created this blog to teach you how to make them yourself, get advice from other diaper cake makers, and share tips on selling your creations.

On the Surprises by Amy blog, you will learn how to make
diaper cakes, diaper cupcakes, diaper tool belts and more! I will also share tips I learned selling my custom baby gifts, including eBay tips.

Everyone makes diaper cakes differently and there is no official way to make one, but I will show you a system that has worked for me for many years. To the right you will see a list of categories. I suggest starting with "Your First Diaper Cake" (or click this link) and moving on from there. Once you learn the basic skills of making a diaper cake, everything else will come easy!

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Your First Diaper Cake - Simple and Elegant

In just ten easy steps, you will create the diaper cake above!  It is simple, yet elegant. It consists mostly of diapers and ribbon.  You can use a different color palette than what I have chosen; the rules will apply regardless.

Rules you will need to remember:

1. I will list an approximate number of diapers for each tier because it isn't always the same per cake or tier.  Use whatever works for your cake!  If the tier is full and round enough, don't worry about adding more and vice versa. Also, some diaper brands are thicker than others, so that may change the number.

2. Be careful not to get hot glue on the diapers as this may ruin them.

3. There are no rules!  If you want to do these steps in a different order or way, go for it!  It's laid back here and there is no official way to make a diaper cake-I'm only showing you my system.  I have marked some items *optional because they are not necessary, but add embellishment. You can choose to do them or not your first time around.

4. You can click on each photo to enlarge.

5. Words in pink have links to more information.

6. This tutorial may look long because it is filled with a lot of information.  I did not want to skip any important information your first time around.  The other tutorials in this blog will list the steps in a much simpler format that will be great for your second time around and beyond.  I have also provided a "Quick Steps" post that lists all tutorials in a very simple list.



The supplies you will need:

  • Approximately 60 size 1 diapers (you can use other sizes as well, but this size looks the most appealing--NOTE: You may need more or less diapers for cake if you use a different size) of any brand (some brands are thicker than others)
  • one 10" round cake board (can be found at any craft store or Wal-Mart in cake decorating section)
  • rubber bands (as many as diapers used, plus one extra if you wrap in cello bag)
  • hot glue gun
  • extra hot glue refills
  • one 14" dowel rod
  • one roll of packing/shipping tape (I like this tape because it isn't too sticky and it's wide)
  • one pair of tape cutting scissors (or other tape cutting device-I use old scissors to cut tape and sharp ones to cut ribbon)
  • one pair of ribbon cutting scissors (nice, sharp ones to cut clean lines and curl ribbon)
  • wide ribbon (around 1.5" or so)
  • thin ribbon* (around .5" or so)
  • curling ribbon (as many as you'd like, in matching colors, the best deals I've seen are at Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree)
  • one flower topper (I like big ones that have wire on bottom) or other topper
  • one 24" w x 30" h cellophane bag* (any color, I use clear in this tutorial)
  • one yard lace* (any kind you like, it is to skirt bottom of cake)

For more details and information on each supply, see Supply Notes.


Having your diapers rolled before starting will help the process move more smoothly.  You will need all of your diapers and rubber bands.

Lay the diaper print side up, take the top end and roll like a burrito as shown:

Place a rubber band around the diaper when it is rolled up as shown:

You may need to wrap the rubber band twice if it isn't tight enough.

Now, continue until all the diapers are rolled.  Maybe even hire your kids to help you out!


This step is optional*

In this step you'll need your cake board, lace and hot glue gun.  Hot glue the lace around the outside of cake board, being careful not to burn your fingers.  Slightly bunch the lace together as you go around the board.

Cut the lace where the ends meet.  Your board will look like this when done:


For this step you will need approximately 30 diapers, your dressed-up cake board (or plain board)curling ribbon (any color, it will be used to tie the tier together and will be hidden, if you are using a light-colored wide ribbon then use a light-colored curling ribbon so it won't show through) and ribbon cutting scissors.

Lay down your cake board and start standing your diapers up around the perimeter of the board. When your two ends meet, start filling in the middle as shown:

When your board is full, take your curling ribbon and tie VERY LOOSELY around the diapers. (you will be stuffing more diapers inside, so make it very loose)

Cut off the extra slack of ribbon.

Will look similar to this when tied (your ribbon may look looser, this is okay):

Now, start filling in the tier with the rest of the diapers (using a total of 30 give or take) until the tier is round, tight and full, being careful not to break the ribbon. (don't worry if this happens, just tie again and make looser next time)  Tier will look like this when done:


In this step you'll need your tape and tape cutting scissors (or other tape cutting device).

Remove the bottom tier from cake board and put to side. (it should be one entity now)  Cut a 6" piece of tape, then make a loop out of it, sticky side up, as shown:

Repeat this two more times, then stick to cake board as shown:

Now, place and center your bottom tier onto the board.  The tape will help anchor the piece without ruining the diapers.  Try to line up where the lace is split (or ends) to the part of the curling tape that is tied.  This will be considered the back of the cake.


For this step you will need your wide ribbon, thin ribbon*, tape, tape cutting scissors (or other tape cutting device), ribbon cutting scissors and hot glue gun.


Take your wide ribbon and cut three 1" pieces/squares (I will refer to them as squares) as shown:

Take one square (the others will go on the two other tiers) and tuck it behind or near the spot where the curling ribbon is tied (aka the back of the cake) as shown:

This square will give your wide ribbon something to hold on to without getting glue on the diapers.  If the piece is too loose or falls out, then your curling ribbon is not tight enough.

Hot glue your wide ribbon to the square,

 wrap around the tier, 

then cut the end (make sure it is a nice, straight cut and meets up with the other end nicely) and hot glue the end.  

Your ribbon should be right in the middle of the diapers all the way around.  It should also fit snug, not too tight or too loose as shown:

As this point you can add your thin ribbon around the center of the wide ribbon using the same technique OR wait until all the tiers are done OR not add thin ribbon at all.


For this step you will need approximately 20 diapers, dowel rod, wide ribbon, thin ribbon*, curling ribbon (any color, will be hidden)tapetape cutting scissors (or other tape cutting device), ribbon cutting scissors and hot glue gun.  


Insert your dowel rod down the middle of the bottom tier as shown:

Make sure the dowel is standing straight and is centered.  The dowel will give your cake support and keep the tiers attached.

Start building your middle tier like you did in STEP 4.  The only difference will be building the tier from the inside out instead of outside in, as shown:

Keep middle tier centered on top of bottom tier.  When second tier is finished, it will look something like this:

As you can see, I added my thin ribbon to both tiers.


For this step you will need approximately 10 diaperswide ribbon, thin ribbon*, curling ribbon, tapetape cutting scissors (or other tape cutting device), ribbon cutting scissors and hot glue gun


Start building your top tier like you did in STEP 7.  When finished, all three tiers will look like this:

NOTE:  Make sure the ends of ribbon for each tier are lined up in the back of the cake, this way it will look cleaner from the front.


For this step you will need your curling ribbonribbon cutting scissors and flower.(or other topper)

Cut and curl short pieces of curling ribbon and tie to the top of the dowel rod, making sure they face towards the top back of the cake.  The goal is to "cover up" the dowel rod when you look at it from behind, as shown: (the flower will cover the front)

Cut and curl long strands of curling ribbon and attach to the top of the dowel rod, making sure there are equal sides of curling ribbon hanging as shown:

Attach the flower, or other topper, to top of dowel rod.  If you have a flower with wire on back, just tie around the dowel rod, making sure the flower faces the front of the cake as shown:

At this point you can stop here and hand it off to an expecting mommy or wrap in a cellophane bag. (the next step)  I suggest wrapping the cake if you are giving as a gift or shipping as it will help keep the whole thing sturdy.  You don't need to wrap if used for decoration or centerpiece.


For this step you will need your cellophane bag, curling ribbon, ribbon cutting scissors, one rubber band and tape.

Place cake in the center of cellophane bag, bring top together and rubber band as shown:

Take corners of cellophane bag and fold, then tuck under the cake board as shown:

Tape any extra slack around the bottom under the cake board.  You may need to readjust the rubber band on top to center again.

Tie & curl long pieces of curling ribbon around rubber band at top of bag as shown:


Now you can move on to a custom theme diaper cake or diaper cupcake!  Master those and you can move on to a mega deluxe diaper cake and a twin diaper cake!  Also see how to make a diaper tool belt!

Interested in selling your custom baby creations?  See my selling tips.